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Application as a DialogBox
~Kim Chugeroburakoi 05:50 AM
Applications Development 6.5 Windows 2000; Windows 98

Hello, i have a Web application developed on Notes 6.5

Clients are W98 and W2000.

I need the application to open "as a Dialog" (no toolbar, no menu, no scrollbars...)

I have a page -i call it 'the Initial page'-, i have set this page to be opened when the user enter via Browser on the Database properties. On this page, at the onLoad event, i open a new page (-the main menu- of the application) as a Dialog using

My problem is, that the users open two browsers... one with the Main menu (with no menus, no toolbars, no scroll bars), and other browser with the Initial page (wich is actually a "blank" page).

i have tried to put self.close as the last line on the onLoad event of the Initial page, but Internet Explorer always ask if i want to close the window, wich is very frustrating for the user if he has to close a window every time he enters the application.

If anyone knows a way to open the first page of the application as a Dialog (no toolbars, no menus, no scrollbars), please help me.

Sergio Ramos

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